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You can now eat Chocobo and Behemoth burgers in Paris

Say whaaaat? As a Final Fantasy fan, I wish that I was at the Paris Game Week right now. Square Enix has decided to make a Final Fantasy ...

On November 1, 2015 / By

Savory Dishes

  • Beef

    Lumiere’s Beef Ragout

    One of my favorite Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast and I’ve always loved Be our Guest. You would know if you followed my Facebook page when ...

    On September 11, 2015 / By
  • Beef

    Umaru’s Daydream Steak

    7 episodes in and Umaru-chan is one of my favorite characters, even though she’s a spoiled kid with a double personality. I still find it hilarious that I am very ...

    On August 21, 2015 / By
  • Pasta

    Final Fantasy 11 Carbonara

     One of my all time top video game series is the Final Fantasy series. They are probably in every video gamer’s top video games to play, especially Final ...

    On August 6, 2015 / By

Sweet Desserts

  • Donuts

    Wonder Woman Donut Cuffs

    Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic female superhero in history. I’ve been wanting to do something related to her and I was eyeing a mini donut ...

    On November 15, 2015 / By
  • Sweets

    Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin Pie

    First of all, I want to apologize for the severe lack of posting this month. Not only was I back in school for my Masters but we are ...

    On October 17, 2015 / By
  • Cake

    The Little Mermaid Doll Cake

    This past weekend was one of my closest friend’s birthday. A few months back, I made her boyfriend the Elsa doll cake and I promised her for her ...

    On September 29, 2015 / By

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Japan Candy Box – October 2015

Last month, I stumbled on a new Japanese candy subscription site called Japan Candy Box and was fortunate to receive a box to review. Check out my video below ...

On November 25, 2015 / By